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3 Gun Safe Myths You Should Never Fall For

Having a strong gun safe goes a long way in ensuring that access to your guns is limited to you, or other people you authorise to access your guns. However, many myths abound and they lead several people to make mistakes in their choice or use of gun safes. This article discusses three of those myths. Avoid these myths and your guns will be safer.

It Is Not Necessary to Bolt Down a Heavy Gun Safe

This myth is based on the mistaken belief that heavy gun safes are hard to carry away so burglars will just leave them alone. The truth is that burglars can be very resourceful in their bid to take any container (such as a gun safe) that they perceive to be containing valuables like a rare gun collection, jewels and cash. For instance, they may hurl the gun safe down your stairs with no regard to the damage that will be caused to your floors and walls. Avoid this double loss (a stolen safe and extensive damage to your home) by anchoring your gun safe onto the floor no matter its weight.

Gun Safes with Thick Doors Are Stronger than Those with Thin Doors

Many people mistakenly think that the most important consideration to determine the strength of a gun safe is the thickness of its doors. This is wrong because the strength of a gun safe depends on several factors: the material from which it is made (such as cast iron or steel), its locking mechanism, its fire rating, and the thickness of its walls. Gun safe strength should therefore be measured after putting into consideration all the factors above. Relying on door thickness alone is a sure-fire way to be misled about the strength of that gun safe.

Gun Safes Deter Burglars

It is a myth to think that burglars will be deterred when they find that you have kept your guns in a gun safe. The fact is that many burglars suspect that homeowners keep their guns in a gun safe so the burglar will be prepared to break into the safe or carry it away. It is for this reason that you should take extra precautions like putting the gun safe in a place that is out of sight to most people (such as in your bedroom rather than the living room) and bolting it down to make it harder to break into.

Always consult sellers so that you get accurate information about gun safes. That is the only way you will be able to separate facts from myths.