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5 Gifts to Encourage New Mums

New mums receive lots of gifts for their baby such as clothing or gifts that involve their baby. There's no doubt these gifts will be appreciated, but what about giving something just for them that will lift their spirits and support them in those first few hectic days and weeks with a newborn at home? Here are five gifts that will encourage a new mum.

A Homemade Meal

Adjusting to life with a new baby can be tough. While mum is trying to get into a new routine and work out how she's going to cope with so little sleep, household tasks such as food shopping and cooking can fall by the wayside. However, healthy homemade meals will help her keep her energy up and save spending money on takeaways, so why not make one or two that can be kept in the freezer for busy days.


New mums can sometimes be stuck indoors recovering from a caesarean section or nursing a sickly baby. Arranging for a bright bouquet of flowers to be delivered as a surprise is a lovely way of letting them know you're thinking about them. Fresh flowers also bring a little natural beauty indoors, so they're ideal if you know the recipient will be missing getting out for scenic walks. You can find tasteful options by contacting delivery companies like Flowers of Paradise.

Cosy Night in Gift Basket

New mums will have many long nights in ahead of them, so how about making up a gift basket with everything she needs to have a relaxing, cosy evening after the baby's gone to bed? Consider including a book that's not about babies, a scented candle, luxurious moisturiser, a face mask, a box of chocolates, and a new film.

Cleaning or Ironing Voucher

Much like cooking meals, cleaning and ironing can be a struggle to maintain in those early weeks. Consider how a new mum must feel trying to keep up with the demands of her baby while watching her home get messier by the day. Give her a voucher for a deep clean or a load of ironing to ensure her home environment doesn't start getting her down.

Snack Basket

New mums have to get up several times during the night to feed and change their baby and will likely feel hungry as a result of tiredness. Breastfeeding during the night can also leave a mum feeling hungry, so having a basket of snacks to dip into will be a timesaver and a real treat. Energy bars, individual packs of wholegrain crackers, nuts, dried fruit, and pretzels will all be appreciated. You can make up a basket with her favourites or have one delivered.

These gifts will show any new mum you're thinking about her, and tailoring your gift to her likes and personality will acknowledge she still has her own identity.