Shopping: Finding Deals, Navigating Sales and Other Pro-Level Tips

The Trans Guide to Toys

For the trans* community, the market for adult toys can sometimes be a minefield of gendered language and colours. These designs and brands may look great, but they can sometimes feel a little isolating for trans consumers who don't identify with them. However, that doesn't describe the entire industry by any means. So long as you know what to look for, you'll be perfectly able to ditch the discomfort and find a toy that works for you. Here are some tips.

Stick With the Classics

When in doubt, you're best off keeping yourself firmly in the territory of 'basics'. Think about simple vibrators and light bondage items which don't 'require' any specific anatomy for them to feel good or serve their purpose. Equally, because these are staples in the industry, you'll be able to find them in a wide variety of colours and textures to suit your needs. They won't just be available in bright pinks and blues. If in doubt, stick to neutral black, or you may like to look into clear glass toys.

Shop By Toy Category, Not Gender

If you have to click on a gender instead of a category — such as 'vibrators', 'bondage' and 'accessories' — then find another site. Most good websites will sort this way anyway; it makes browsing for something you'll like much easier.

Work Around Discomfort, Not Through It

There's no need to try out toys which make you uncomfortable. If a toy looks interesting but is labelled specifically 'for her' and that's not your pronoun — or refers to specific biology with terms you don't use for yourself — then shop around and find something else. The industry is broad enough to accommodate you; you will be able to find a similar option. If you like the idea of a vibrator but find that penetrative devices make you feel dysphoric, then opt for external vibrators such as bullets instead.

Test First, Splurge Later

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what will and won't feel dysphoric until you try it. This is just as true of adult toys as it is for clothing or any other purchase — so it's important to moderate yourself and try lower-priced versions before you spend a lot of money on an item which ends up making you feel uncomfortable. For example, you may wish to try a small battery-powered magic wand vibrator before buying a full-size, mains-powered one.

In truth, finding a toy to suit you shouldn't be too difficult or uncomfortable. Just take time to browse, ignore any language that doesn't describe you, and you'll be sure to end up with something that works well for you. Check out retailers like Club X to get started.